Detecting breast cancer early will save your life
Are You Dense? Fact #5
While mammogram detects 98% of cancers in women with fatty breasts, it finds ONLY 48% in women with the densest breasts.

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TWENTY ONE State Density Laws: Is your state one of them?

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Senate & House Introduce the Breast Density and Mammography Reporting Act in 114th Congress

Law would create a National Standard in Density Reporting  Read More

Why I Talk to Strangers About My Breasts on EveryDay Health

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Congressman John Larson Honors Are You Dense Inc. at CT State Capitol

2nd Annual Are You Dense Day ..... Read More

Chicago ABC I-TEAM investigates breast density & its impact on missed/advanced cancers

Mindy's mammogram was NORMAL - a month later she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Read More

Caution: Recent Study Aims to Keep Women from Learning About Dense Breast Tissue Risks

"Breast density notification is independent of the AIM study results - To align the two is preposterous and potentially dangerous to women's health" concludes Dr. Cappello. Read More

Dr. Cappello's Published Article in JACR - Decades of Normal Mammography Reports - The Happygram

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VIDEO: I didn't know anything about "DENSE BREAST TISSUE" reports Joan Lunden after her aggressive cancer, invisible by mammograpy, diagnosed by ultrasound.

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Wimpy women? ANXIETY and Density Reporting/Just the facts please!

Melinda Beck talks screening tests, mammography and its limitation in dense breasts and anxiety over false positives. Read More

The Myth of the 'Normal' Mammogram

Dr. Stacey Vitiello speaks the truth about screening for EARLY detection for women with dense breast tissue. Read More

Why Breast Density Matters - Dr Stacey Vitiello

The importance of Breast Density to prevent later stage cancers. Read More

Breast Disease Society Supports Patient Information on Breast Density

ASBD says women need to understand breast density and its impact on breast cancer risk.  Read More

The Association for Medical Imaging Management supports a woman's right to know her breast density

AHRA Board of Directors recognizes the critical importance of dense breast tissue for the prevention of later stage cancers, Read More

Video: Dr. Cappello & 'dense' survivor Jan discuss impact of Are You Dense Inc. in preventing delayed diagnoses

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The TROUBLE with Dense Breasts - Huffington Post blog by Dr. David Katz

Dr. Katz interviews Dr. Nancy Cappello about the mission and impact of Are You Dense Inc. Read More

AYD MUSICFEST held on June 28th @Palace Theater

Phenomenal Success - The 6th annual Are You Dense MusicFest at Historic Palace Theater in Waterbury CT. Read More

Dr. Cappello keynote speaker at Dense Tissue Symposium in Oregon

Symposium dedicated to Eugene resident Laura Caldwell for her advocacy in spearheading Oregon's Density Reporting Legislation. Read More

Dr. Cappello lectures at UPENN on Dense Breast Tissue & Advocacy Efforts.

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Dr. Cappello 'hangs out' with Dr. Harness of Breast Cancer Answers

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Dr. Cappello gives OPENING remarks at "Stepping Up for Dense Breasts" Event at Fairfax Radiology Consultants

Fairfax Radiologists step-up services for Women with Dense Breast Tissue Read More

Thanks! Are You Dense Ribbon Ride was phenomenal!

The 2nd Annual Ribbon Ride Read More

PRESS CONFERENCE FROM THE CAPITOL: Senator Joseph Crisco of Connecticut hosts Dr. Huang, Prominent Surgeon from Taiwan

Dr. Pai-Jung Huang,Director of Comprehensive Breast Center at Taipei Medical University Hospital visits Connecticut to discuss dense breast tissue awareness & legislation as Breast Cancer is the leading cause of death in Asian women. Read More

Dr. Tom Kolb: Include Women in Conversation about Breast Screening

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Survey: What women REALLY want - Settling the "anxiety" issue!

Women want to be informed of their breast health for Early Detection. Read More

Parade Magazine's Health Hero: Dr. Nancy Cappello

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Are You Dense, Inc. Founder Nancy M. Cappello, Ph.D. Receives SuperSonic Imagine’s 2nd Annual Aixplorer Achievement Award

The Highly Innovative Ultrasound Company, headquarters in France, Honors Cancer Activist During Scientific Symposium at RSNA in Chicago. Read More

Dr. Nancy Cappello named Litchfield County Times' Person of the Year

Douglas Clement, Executive Editor of The Litchfield County Times, an award winning publication, honors Dr. Cappello with the first Person of the Year recognition. Read More

A Radiologist's Warning: What Breast Density Means to You

Dr. Stacey Vitiello exposes the secret of dense breast tissue. Read More

A No-Brainer - Dr. Cappello shares the science behind the Mission of informing women of their breast density

Cancer does not take a time out as our opposition waits for MORE science about the masking and causal risks of breast density.  Read More

Dedicated screening ultrasound for dense breasts meets FDA panel's endorsement

"Sometimes the glandular tissue is so dense that radiation doesn't penetrate it. You can't see anything." Robert Smith, American Cancer Society Read More

California Legislature declares August 8th as Are You Dense Day at the Capitol

Senator Joe Simitian authors a resolution declaring August 8th as Are You Dense Day. Read More

Wall Street Journal exposes Breast Density

Wall Street Journal Reporter Melinda Beck talks density and legslative efforts with Dr. Nancy Cappello Read More

Michelle King Robson, CEO of EmpowHER, interviews Dr. Cappello

It's time for YOU to be an Architect of Change was this year's theme of the Women's Conference in CA hosted by Maria Shriver. Dr. Cappello discussed how she built Are You Dense, Inc. from her tragedy of an advanced stage breast cancer diagnosis. Read More

Dr. Nancy Cappello and Dr. Andrea Silber featured speakers at the Breast Cancer Symposium at the Hospital of Saint Raphael

Breast Symposium highlights Dense Breast Tissue Read More

Video: Dr. Cappello participates in Press Conference in Sacramento CA about Dense Breast Tissue and SB 173

Senator Joe Simitian holds Press Conference at Capitol about life saving legislation Read More

Dr. Thomas Kolb, NY Radiologist and Researcher, supports Breast Density Legislation at Albany Press Conference

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News Anchor & Reporter Ann Nyberg interviews Dr. Nancy Cappello

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» NEW YORK, May 20, 2010: Conducted by Harris Interactive, the U-Systems Survey Also Shows that Doctors Have Spoken to Less than 1 in 10 Women About the Impact of Breast Density on Early Detection. Read More

Dr. Cappello receives the SWIM award from St. Vincent's Foundation

» Dr. Cappello was honored by St. Vincent Hospital's Foundation for her work to ensure that women in CT know about their breast density. Read More

LEGISLATION - Connecticut Raised Senate Bill 458 - An Act Requiring Communication of Mammographic Breast Density to Patients passes both chambers and is signed by Governor Rell

» Signed by Governor Rell on May 20, 2009 - Public Act 09-41 becomes law as of October 1, 2009 Read More

LEGISLATION - Governor Rell Signs Breast Density Bill at Signing Ceremony

» Women will now be informed about their breast density for the early detection of breast cancer. Read More

MEDIA - LANDMARK LEGISLATION - CT Becomes First State to Inform Women of their Breast Density!

» Shelly Sindland from Fox 61 reports on this landmark legislation.  Read More

Dr. Cappello receives the Soroptimist Ruby Award

Ruth Avitabile announces the Sorpotimist's Ruby Award goes to Dr. Nancy Cappello Read More

Dr. Cappello invited to speak at the Breast Cancer Forum at the Capitol.

» A Forum called by Senator Crisco and Senator Harris raises awareness about the recent U.S. Preventive Task Force Recommendations about Mammography Screening. Read More

MEDIA - White House Flower Shop designer donates Floral Centerpieces created for the 2009 Business Women's Forum to Are You Dense, Inc.

» Dr. Ellen Durin, Chairperson of the 2009 Business Women's Forum sponsored by the Waterbury Chamber of Commerce, announces that the proceeds from Ruth L's floral centerpieces are donated to Are You Dense, Inc. Read More

Palace Theater Presents Abbey Road - A Beatles Tribute supporting Are You Dense, Inc.

Thank you for a successful event! Read More

MEDIA - Waterbury-Republican Features "Are You Dense" in Today's Women

» Reporter Brynn Mandel spreads the news about Dense Breast Tissue, Senate Bill 458, and Musicfest 09. Read More

MEDIA - On Friday, May 1st Dr. Cappello and Dr. Lynwood Hammers were guests on the Faith Middleton Show

» Faith Middleton of WNPR - Connecticut Public Radio - explores the issue of dense breast tissue and the role of breast ultrasound to find cancers that mammograms miss. Read More



MEDIA - Ann DeMatteo a breast cancer survivor and a woman with dense breast tissue reports on Connecticut's Breast Density Law

» Women in Connecticut will now be aware of their breast density because of a recent CT law reports Ann DeMatteo. Read More

MEDIA - Ann DeMatteo a reporter for the New Haven Register and a current breast cancer patient interviews Dr. Cappello

» Both Ann and Nancy have dense breast tissue. Read More

MEDIA - Litchfield County Times Reporters spreads the word about Dense Tissue

» Reporters Amy Mulvihill and Daniela Forte write a series of articles about Dr. Cappello's crusade to have every women answer the question "Are You Dense?"  Read More

ABC NEWS VIDEO: The Greatest Risk Factor that Docs Aren't Telling You

Do you have dense breasts?  Read More

RESEARCH: Extremely Dense Tissue is one of the strongest risk factors for cancer - Dr. Cappello interviewed on WNPR

At the American Association for Cancer Research 101st Annual Meeting 2010, held in Washington, D.C. researchers presented the latest data on mammographic density and breast cancer risk. Read More

RESEARCH - Ultrasound Boosts Breast Cancer Detection

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April felt a lump within 5 weeks of her NORMAL mammogram and Invasive cancer discovered by ultrasound

"It is nothing as most young women have dense breasts," declared my doctor as I inquired about added screening. Read More