Detecting breast cancer early will save your life
Are You Dense? Fact #3
The addition of a single screening ultrasound to mammogram increases detection of breast cancers that are small and node-negative.





 Are You Dense, Inc. Presents the Earthwhorls' Silver & Agate Bracelet Design by Susan A. Katz “Exposing the Secret!”
Exposing the Secret Sterling Silver Bracelet

Description of the Design:  The bracelet is red agate and sterling silver with an “adjustable,” one size fits most, closure. One large red agate stone, surrounded by two Sterling Silver beads, exposes the secret of the need for additional screening for those with dense breast tissue. The beautiful red agates are a symbol of the power inherent in being informed and the need for self- advocacy.

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Each item is custom made for you - Please allow 1 week to leave Susan's studio for shipping to your residence.

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